Worth It and Wonderful

Inspiration for Christian Women to Live Bravely and Boldly

Caitlyn Scaggs

Jan/2023, 256 Pages, HARDCOVER, 6 × 9

ISBN-13: 9781640656024



An inspiring clarion call for Christian women who often feel pressured to choose between seemingly mutually exclusive options: career and family.

Leadership-lifestyle blogger and inspirational TV personality, Caitlyn Scaggs draws from her eclectic background and Christian principles to offer practical insight and encouragement to women striving to lead a fulfilling and complete life. She champions a new approach—how to find balance between seemingly opposing forces and live out what you were created to do.

With inspirational stories from her life and career alongside those of others' she’s met along the way, Scaggs provides insight on how to thrive in your roles in both career and family life. She shows you can boldly embrace both even when facing obstacles. She encourages readers to contemplate the choices they feel torn between. She then urges a different approach to navigating personal and professional lives, with the goal of finding balance, purpose, and satisfaction. Each chapter includes practical takeaways and actionable steps that invite readers to apply the insight shared to their own lives. Scaggs writes with the modern Christian woman in mind, but her engaging style and thoughtful insight will also appeal to women of all faiths and backgrounds.

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CAITLYN SCAGGS is a featured writer for Inspiration Ministries, a Christian platform with 2.5 million Facebook followers. Scaggs maintains a popular leadership-lifestyle blog that she uses to provide encouragement and thought-provoking articles to her followers and regularly appears on a local TV segment in Virginia, “Morning Motivations" where she discusses a range of topics. An entrepreneur, marketer, and dynamic communicator, she is currently the Executive Manager of New Hope Girls, a non-profit based in the Dominican Republic that fights human trafficking, exploitation, and cycles of abuse. She lives in Riner, Virginia.

“In this confident debut, Scaggs empowers women to love themselves through God. Believers will find inspiration in this appealing entry.”
Publishers Weekly
“Caitlyn Scaggs reminds us that our struggle, pain, and mess live in the same place as our joy, victory, and abundance. She helps us sit in the tension and accept our wholeness, because we are worth it and wonderful. Her unique ability to feel deep and big and use that to inspire others is her superpower.”
—Joy Reyes, founder and executive manager of New Hope Girls
“Caitlyn shares her amazing story, not to hear the bang of her own drum but to help you hear the beat of your own! Through these reflections she will take you on a journey to help you remember how you got here, what a miracle the story is, and the hope of where it can lead us as worthy children of God.”
—Becca Stevens, president and founder of Thistle Farms, author of Practically Divine
“This book will bless you! We live in a culture where women are being lied to about who they are and who they belong to. Worth It and Wonderful is Caitlyn Scaggs’s way of saying ‘Enough is enough! It’s time to live boldly for Jesus and take back what the enemy has stolen!’”
—Melissa Gaona, anchor and multimedia journalist
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  • Christian leadership
  • Christian women
  • career family balance
  • female leadership
  • inspiration for women
  • intentional living
  • purposeful living

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