Breaking the Silence

The Church Responds to Domestic Violence

Anne O. Weatherholt

Sep/2008, 124 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819223203



A handbook on domestic violence from a spiritual perspective, for clergy, parish nurses, and others.

Breaking the Silence contains important, action-oriented information about domestic violence and its pervasiveness in society. Sections include “myths” about domestic violence; a checklist to determine if a relationship is potentially violent; clergy resources for counseling, worship, and congregational outreach; rape; information for youth; and pages that can be customized with local and national contact numbers, e-mail addresses, and websites. Also includes questions for discussion and suggestions for using the book for training or as a youth and adult education tool.

This resource is limited to adult abuse, as the subject of child abuse is highly specialized and often includes many more laws and involvement from local agencies that will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Anne O. Weatherholt, an Episcopal priest, has served on the boards of Heartly House Shelter in Frederick, Maryland, and CASA (Citizens Assisting to Shelter the Abused) in Hagerstown, Maryland, and has done staff training on the spiritual side of recovery from domestic violence. She serves on the Family Violence Council, Washington County, Maryland. She is a chaplain for Maryland State Police, and writes a weekly column for Hagerstown Herald Mail. She has published articles in The Living Church, Anglican Digest, and Maryland Church News. She lives in Hancock, Maryland.

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