What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?

Unpublished Writings and Diaries

Edwin H. Friedman

Apr/2009, 208 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781596271142



Whether he is interviewing God (“I must be the first since Moses to be allowed into your presence”), preaching on “marriage as music,” or reflecting on a visit to his parents’ grave, Friedman always has the power to surprise us and invite us to change. This collection of Edwin Friedman’s writings, most of them unpublished, reveal a different side of this rabbi, teacher, and leadership coach who caused a revolution in viewing human relationships with Generation to Generation.

Organized into life stages, specifically the journey from young adulthood to maturity and death, What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? captures Friedman’s signature wit and playfulness as he cuts straight to the heart of human growth and relationships.

Throughout his life, Friedman eloquently applied the insights of family therapy to churches and synagogues, organizations and businesses—and, of course, to families themselves. He energized and delighted a wide public in his lifetime and continues to engage us with What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?, an essential reader for those seeking life-changing insights.

Edwin H. Friedman (1932–1996) was an ordained rabbi and practicing family therapist. An in-demand consultant and public speaker throughout the country, he led leadership training programs for government, business, religious, and psychotherapy professionals at his Center for Family Process. His groundbreaking volumes Generation to Generation and A Failure of Nerve, which exposed the connections between emotional processes at home and at work in religious, educational, therapeutic, and business systems, have become modern classics. He lived in Washington, DC.

"For so many years during his fruitful life, Friedman was a guide and mentor to hundreds of people, especially those in the demanding work of congregational leadership in difficult times. These fine collections of his writing enable him to speak still, with as clear and as insistent a voice as ever."—Peter Eaton, Saint John’s Cathedral, Denver, Colorado

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