A Path to Wholeness

A Lenten Companion

Russell J. Levenson Jr.

Nov/2020, 184 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640653177



An invitation to Lenten observance through biblical passages and reflections.

The ache of the human heart has always been to be made whole. The thrust of the Christian hope is that it can only come to that wholeness by way of a personal relationship with God, through Christ. This book is intentionally written as an avenue towards deepening, strengthening, and for some, beginning such a relationship during the forty days of Lent.

This thoughtful book, focusing on Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, is part of a four-part series on seasonal observances and devotions.

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RUSSELL J. LEVENSON JR. has been an ordained Episcopal priest for nearly thirty years. Having served in various roles at churches in Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida, he and his wife Laura live in Houston, Texas, where he has been the rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for the last twelve years.

“Russ Levenson’s Lenten devotions breathe with the air of a seasoned pastor and preacher. With his characteristic wit and Southern charm—and many, many good stories—Levenson brings the gospel to life. Above all, he shows what it looks like to devote one’s life to the only one who deserves our allegiance, Christ Jesus our Savior. One could look for no better path to wholeness.”
—The Rev. Christopher A. Beeley, PhD, Director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies, Jack and Barbara Bovender Professor of Theology, Anglican Studies, and Ministry, Duke University Divinity School

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  • Lent
  • devotional
  • contemplation
  • Gospels
  • scripture

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