Finding Shelter

An Autumn Companion

Russell J. Levenson Jr.

Mar/2020, 200 Pages, PAPER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640652699



Short, accessible meditations and photography to guide you through the season

Author and pastor Russ Levenson invites readers to “find shelter” in time each day with Jesus.

Forty meditations, scripture passages, reflections for contemplation, and prayers fill this volume designed to accompany and encourage readers throughout autumn. Each daily devotional entry includes a concluding thought and closing prayer. Every meditation includes photographs taken by the author. This thoughtful volume is part of a series.

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RUSSELL J. LEVENSON JR. has been an ordained Episcopal priest for nearly thirty years. Having served in various roles at churches in Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida, he and his wife Laura live in Houston, Texas, where he has been the rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for the last twelve years.

"Russ Levenson's Finding Shelter is a continuous gentle invitation to come to the table and to taste and see that God is good. Written with warmth and wisdom, these pages are good company on the journey of faith."
—Amy Grant, Grammy Award–winning recording artist and songwriter

“Russ Levenson has a real gift for taking scripture from the Old and New Testaments and making it personal and relevant to our life today. The relaxed tone of Finding Shelter will inspire and comfort readers even as it challenges them to grow in their spiritual journey.
—Susan G. Baker, founding member of the National Alliance to End Homelessness

"Whenever Russ speaks or writes, I listen or read. He has the heart of a pastor and the skill of a poet. So grateful for him and this book."
—Max Lucado, author

“Russ brings together biography and story with deep theological truths and insights to create a powerful, uplifting set of meditations that can transform the day and the week. I am grateful that this book has been written; and I am even more grateful to the God that can use this book to bring grace to the broken and hope to the afraid.”
—The Very Reverend Ian S. Markham, Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary


Meditation 1    A Change of View

Meditation 2    God in the Shadows

Meditation 3    Look Up

Meditation 4    Even When We Grumble

Meditation 5    The Right Way

Meditation 6    Self-Sinking

Meditation 7    Tending to the Garden

Meditation 8    Stepping Out in Faith

Meditation 9    The Way of Faithfulness

Meditation 10  Speak . . . for Your Servant is Listening . . .

Meditation 11  Giants Don’t Have the Last Word

Meditation 12  You Are the One . . .

Meditation 13  Choosing Wisely

Meditation 14  The Lord—He Is God!

Meditation 15  I Am God . . . You Are My Child . . .

Meditation 16  Heaven’s Gate

Meditation 17  Do You Really Want to Grow?

Meditation 18  To Whom Should You Go?

Meditation 19  Trusting in the Unseen

Meditation 20  There’s More to the Story


Meditation 21  Salt and Light

Meditation 22  Get Some Rest

Meditation 23  For All the Right Reasons

Meditation 24  Death for the Sake of Life

Meditation 25  What “Raised” Means for You

Meditation 26  A Fork in the Road

Meditation 27  How to Live

Meditation 28  Pruning It to the Core

Meditation 29  The Promise of the Unseen

Meditation 30  Lawless Fruits

Meditation 31  Giving the Devil His Due

Meditation 32  A Song Worth Singing

Meditation 33  Don’t Poke the Bear

Meditation 34  Who Gets Your Vote?

Meditation 35  Every Day Belongs to God

Meditation 36  Punching Holes in the Darkness

Meditation 37  Angst or Thanks?

Meditation 38  What Remains

Meditation 39  King Me!

Meditation 40  The Beginning at the End

Afterword      Pregnant Pause


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  • seasons
  • autumn
  • contemplation
  • mindfulness
  • photography
  • devotion

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