The Stature of Waiting

W. H. Vanstone

Jan/2006, 128 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819222114



We set great store by activity and busy-ness. We want to be 'in control'. We value what we 'do' more than who we are. So when we become ill, or retire from work, or suffer an enforced period of inactivity, our self-esteem is threatened. We evade, repudiate, or resent experiences of passivity, of waiting.

This classic of spiritual writing transforms our understanding of the experiences of illness, or of being out of work, or feeling inactive and powerless. W. H. Vanstone shows us the unquestioned and impressive majesty of Jesus as he 'waits' before those who accuse him, waits before those who taunt him and, finally, waits before even those who crucify him. It is in his passivity and 'passion', when we have things done to us instead of doing things, the times when we simply wait, are as important as the times of action and taking charge.

W. H. Vanstone was Canon Emeritus of Chester Cathedral. He is the author of several beautifully written and much-loved books, including Love's Endeavor, Love's Expense and Icons of the Passion.He died in 1999.

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