The Breath of God

Nancy Roth

Sep/2006, 142 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781596270329



Prayer is as natural as breathing. In every major religious tradition the spirit of God is the source of our life breath, and prayer is the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling the breath of God.

Nancy Roth brings together simple instructions in basic Christian prayer forms--contemplation, reflection, verbal prayer, and the prayer of activism--with a theology that makes prayer as simple as breathing. Breath and prayer exercises at the end of each chapter are further aids in finding God in and through our bodies.

The Rev. Nancy Roth was an Episcopal priest, retreat leader, author, dancer, and musician. She traveled widely as a retreat conductor and workshop leader offering classes on the integration of body and spirit. Nancy Roth's many books include Breath of God, Organic Prayer, An Invitation to Christian Yoga and Spiritual Exercises.

"Every section of this book reveals God to be wholly available in the common round that comprises our days. Nancy Roth is a sure teacher of prayer."—Janet Ruffing, RSM, Professor of Spritual Direction, Fordham University

"The point of contact between spirituality and the arts, as a preparation for the deeper levels of prayer, is Roth's natural terrain."—Church Times

"Full of ideas and gentle encouragement for those who seek to pray."—Franciscan Magazine

"A book to be recommended highly for individual use, course teaching on prayer, and as a wide-ranging outline for prayer groups."—Gordon Jeff, Spiritual Directors International

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