Christ Walk

A 40-Day Spiritual Fitness Program

Anna Fitch Courie

Jan/2015, 240 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819231697



• Pairs physical training and spiritual practices together in an easy-to-use format
• Perfect for a 40-day Lenten devotion or beginning a new fitness program

What's better than feeding your soul while developing healthy practices for your body and mind? Christ Walk outlines a 40-day program for individuals and groups to focus on improving physical health while engaging in spiritual and mental reflection and growth. Individuals and groups select different biblical routes (Appendix A) to complete (through walking, running, biking, etc.), while reading a reflective passage on health and spirituality each day of the journey. Each chapter is a daily meditation of different aspects of mind, body, and spiritual health tied to biblical teachings and Christian traditions. The appendices include options for group leaders and individuals to transform their Christ Walk experience from journey to journey.

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Anna Fitch Courie is an Army wife, nurse, and the author of two previous Christ Walk books and The Adventures of Cancer Girl who finds her calling where health and spirituality intersect. A consultant on building community coalitions on health, she is a graduate of Clemson University, the University of Wyoming, and Education for Ministry (EfM). 

Follow Anna:

“Don't just read this book—do this book. There is no better book available to inspire and assist both individuals and congregations to start a walking program. Follow the plan outlined in this book, one step at a time, and you will strengthen not just your physical wellness, but also your spiritual and emotional wellness.”
––The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner, creator of “Living Compass Faith & Wellness Ministry” and author of Your Living Compass: Living Well in Thought, Word, and Deed   

“In writing about her own challenges with hearing loss and an autoimmune disease, Courie brings hope for living with infirmities, and she does this very personally, in a comforting, supportive, and affirming style. I have done several walking programs in our congregation, but I am excited to pursue the many new ideas and perspectives in this one!”
––Ginny Wagenseller, RN, FCN, parish nurse at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Westport, Connecticut, and Province One representative for Episcopal Health Ministries  

“For those of you who are looking for a comprehensive approach to walking, fitness, spirituality, and prayer walking, Christ Walk is for you. This disciplined forty-day program will make a fine Lenten or anytime approach to getting your body, mind, and spirit healthy.”
––Sara Lee Macdonald, blogger of Walk With Me on Our Journey  

“As a priest and endurance athlete, I’ve been keeping a training log and journal for years but have long sought a comprehensive and cohesive way to reflect on mind, body, spirit and athletic pursuits. Christ Walk is the book I’ve been waiting for. Whether you are taking the first steps to wellness or have a full race calendar, those seeking to integrate faith and fitness will find Fitch Courie’s book to be a wonderful resource.”
––The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, co-captain of the SteepleChasers relay team for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, half-marathoner, and sometime triathlete.   

“Take a walk with Anna (and Jesus!) on her journey and learn how to follow Christ’s example of walking your way into wholeness. Anna knows that life is one big pilgrimage.”
––Carrie Graves, Canon for Communications, Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina and President of the Episcopal Booksellers Association

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