Your Living Compass

Living Well in Thought, Word, and Deed

Scott Stoner

Aug/2014, 176 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819229403



A religious meditation on borders—physical and spiritual—an elemental and humanist phenomenon for everyone.

If Barbara Brown Taylor and Steven Covey ever wrote a book together, this might be the book! Living Compass is a church-based faith and wellness program designed for individuals and small groups. Readers engage in a 10-week, self-guided wellness retreat, consisting of daily ten-minute readings, plus small, meaningful action steps designed for getting “your life, your relationships, and your work headed in a new direction,” according to the author.

Deeply spiritual and exceedingly practical, this book joins the national Living Compass network, which includes a website, workshop series, wellness resources (including a free Living Well with Living Compass app), social media, and soon, a new multi-million-dollar wellness center to be located in the offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

Structured holistic wellness program for individuals and groups based on a highly successful retreat model developed by priest-psychologist. Builds on the national network of Living Compass workshops, presentations, and publications, and soon, a multi-million faith and wellness center in Chicago. Each chapter includes questions for reflection.

Scott Stoner is the founder of the Living Compass faith and wellness ministry and also serves as the director of the Nicholas Center of the Diocese of Chicago. As an Episcopal priest, pastoral counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, spiritual director, and retreat leader for over thirty years, he has facilitated more than 45,000 hours of individual and family wellness conversations, plus led hundreds of retreats. He lives in Shorewood, Wisconsin.

"This is not only just what we need for this moment in the life of the church, this is what our entire culture needs to hear about bringing balance, health, and wholeness to our lives. I turyly believe Scott Stoner could be the next Dr. Phil. Read this book. It will change your life."—Courtney Coward, Associate Dean and Director, The Beecken Center, The School of Theology, University of the South

"The Rev. Scott Stoner leans on ‘a living compass’ as a metaphor for gauging the liveliness of our faith and pointing us toward an abundant and meaningful life. His accessible stories, insightful wisdom, and practical steps to wellness provide clear direction for enthusiastic well-being and steadfast faith.” —William Craddock Managing Director and Senior Vice-President of CPG Education and Wellness Group

“To be both well and faithful in trying times like these—to live and act with singleness of heart—demands both resilience and grace. Both these qualities can be found in full measure in Scott Stoner's Your Living Compass. Spiritually grounded and psychologically informed, Stoner provides a down-to-earth and deeply compassionate guide to spiritual and emotional wholeness for anyone who seeks to reconnect heart to mind and soul to strength.” —Roger Ferlo President, Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation

“Here's a GPS for the hopelessly stressed. In this uber-practical how-to manual, seasoned trail guide Scott Stoner shows us how to step back, reflect, and regain our bearings. Many lives have been changed by Your Living Compass—you may be next.”—Chris Yaw Founder,

Your Living Compass de Scott Stoner es una valiosa guía para conectar las áreas más importantes de nuestra vida. Cuando nos damos cuenta en que punto de nuestra jornada vital nos encontramos, tenemos la oportunidad de replantear nuestra ruta a seguir, y las orientaciones que ofrece Scott Stoner en su libro son de gran ayuda para alcanzar la meta de una vida saludable en todos sus aspectos. / Your Living Compass from Scott Stoner is a valuable guide to connect the most important areas of our life. When we know in what point we are in our journey, we have the opportunity to rethink our route, and the guidelines provided by Scott Stoner in his book are of great help to achieve the goal of a healthy life in all its aspects.”—Rev. Alvaro Araica, Associate for Hispanic Ministry, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

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