Prayer of the HeART

Kelly Schneider Conkling

May/2006, 112 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819221681



Down through the centuries, people of faith have known that prayer has many languages, and not all of them have words. Here in Prayer of the HeArt, readers will learn to use art as a way to open up a deep conversation with God. This book is not about "art" in the sense of making pretty pictures, or even about expressing an experience of God. Rather it opens readers to new possibilities. The art they create here is the visual result of an experience with God through visual imaging. Those who use this technique invite God to be the director, writer, and artist of their hearts as they are introduced to the concept of "heart spirituality."

Prayer of the HeArt is a wonderful exploration- for both the experienced artist and the novice- of the role of creativity in the life of prayer. Readers will find a variety of drawing techniques and media, and ways of dialoguing with the images they create. Each chapter, developed around a theme, features a visual exercise and a way to journey deeper into the heart of God.

Kelly Schneider Conkling is an Episcopal priest in the diocese of West Texas. She frequently leads retreats and workshops on praying with art.

"Prayer of the HeART invites us on a pilgrimage, an inner adventure, a way of prayer that gives us eyes to see God's presence and guidance within our own hearts. Kelly Schneider Conkling's approach is accessible, practical, and gracious. Even those of us who can't seem to draw a straight line receive encouragement for allowing art to open our hearts."
—Mary C. Earle, author of Beginning Again and Broken Body, Healing Spirit

"A very special prayer method that employs exercises of visual imaging to aid in communication with God. Especially commended for those engaged in Christian Dialogue, meditation, prayer and reflection."
The Midwest Book Review, August 2006

"Interesting artwork abounds throughout the text."
Episcopal Life, October 2006

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