Liturgy for the Whole Church

Multigenerational Resources for Worship

Susan K. Bock

Sep/2008, 208 Pages, PAPERBACK, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780898696028



A collection of group readings and simple dramas based on stories from scripture, together with meditations, story-telling methodology, and an instructed Eucharist, helps church leaders design liturgy for children and adults who worship together.



The Rev. Susan Bock has spent much of her more than twenty years as an Episcopal priest advocating for children in the church and working towards their enfranchisement as fully baptized members. As a specialist in Christian formation, she has helped integrate children into the worship life of several parishes and has planned and led many worship gatherings and national conferences. She is currently rector of St. Gabriels Episcopal Church in Eastpointe, Michigan.

“Susan Bock’s new book, Liturgy for the Whole Church, breathes life and hope into the effort to design worship that speaks to every age group. As Bock explains, she is hoping to reach the child in each of us, regardless of our generation, because she believes this is where each of us hungers for God. In the various prayers, songs, stories, and meditations that she offers for each season of the church year, she utilizes a variety of senses to open our imagination and speak directly to our hearts and souls. Bock has a marvelous way of placing herself in the world of the story being explored, empathizing with its characters, wondering about its truths and mysteries, and inviting us along in the process. The result is a wonderful weaving of the scriptural world with our own experience, so that the ancient story becomes real and stays relevant to each of us. This book is theologically sound, practical, user-friendly, creative, and sensitive. It is a gift to the church, and to all who care deeply about the accessibility of worship, formation and scripture.” —Kate Gillooly, President, National Association for Episcopal Christian Education Directors

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