5 Keys for Church Leaders

Building a Strong, Vibrant, and Growing Church

Kevin Martin

Mar/2006, 140 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898695212



A practical guide to growing your parish that focuses on the congregants and community.

In this valuable church leadership resource, Kevin Martin examines the five aspects of congregational life that are key to the development and growth of a strong congregation. Based on the author's popular church growth seminar, The Five Critical Systems, the five keys to congregational growth are:

    •Build the team

    •Pay attention to generations

    •Tend the two doors

    •Keep healthy

    •Raise the stewardship level

Martin takes the reader on the steps necessary to address each of these keys, whether your church is small and focused on growing or large and concerned with community and retention.

Kevin Martin is a well-known preacher, teacher, author and consultant throughout the Episcopal community. The founder and executive director of Vital Church Ministries, he has served as Canon for Congregational Development in the Diocese of Texas for nine years. Prior to that, he was the rector for three congregations, was a hospital chaplain, and led the Leadership Training Institute in Evergreen, Colorado where he worked extensively in planning and executing national and regional conferences.

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