Pastoral Theology for Public Ministry

Altar, Subway, Diner, Hospital

Stephen Burns

Oct/2015, 160 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781596272644



• For seminaries, those involved in lay and ordained ministries
• Part of a growing conversation about the roles of ordained ministry
• Taps into an increasing interest in the Church’s public presence in ministries like Ashes to Go

What does it mean to be engaged in Christian ministry in a shifting spiritual and religious landscape? Stephen Burns invites readers to think anew about the distinctiveness of public practices of pastoral presence. Rather than narrowly defining pastoral care and pastoral theology (pastoral counseling, preaching, youth groups, visits to elders, etc.) and theological academic categories (history, pastoral theology, liturgy, ethics, and contemporary sociology), he argues for a new imagination and practice of pastoral presence – a presence that is representative, public, integrated, and expansive.

Read the Introduction to Pastoral Theology for Public Ministry.

For seminary introductory pastoral care and pastoral theology courses; those practicing Christian ministry; those seeking to understand more about what clergy and lay ministers do

Stephen Burns is professor of liturgical and practical theology, at Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity, Melbourne, Australia. He is a priest in the orders of the Church of England, who studied theology at the universities of Durham (BA, MA, PhD) and Cambridge (MLitt), specializing in sacramental and liturgical theology.

"Stephen Burns does in this book what Anglican theologians do best. He draws together disparate themes and sets them in harmony, point and counterpoint, in such a way that the whole range of pastoral practice and care comes into focus. It has been said that the ideal Anglican clergyperson is liberal in the study, evangelical in the pulpit, and catholic behind the altar. Learning from Burns, we might be able to add that she is a whole person at the bedside."
—The Rev. Jason Ingalls, President of the Board, The Scholar-Priest Initiative

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