The Light Shines Through

Our Stories Are God's Story

Carole A. Wageman

Mar/2017, 176 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819233400



The treasure trove of stories from Scripture provides wonderful examples of people encountering the mystery of God. We read these stories over and over, and know how they turn out year after year. The one perspective we might miss, however, is that the characters in Scripture never knew how their story would turn out when they were living the unknown, fear, joy, surprise, and drama of the moment. They faced the same uncertainty, worry, distraction, and wonder that we face in light of life events that leave us breathless for hope and help. We often fail to grasp how divine participation in the human story is actually what God's story is all about. Our stories are God's story. Personal narratives, then and now, seem to be the ways in which God works best as Scripture is transformed from static story to a conversation that informs our own modern dilemmas and uncertainties.

Today's reader can engage with ancient and familiar tales through the lens of pondering where God might be at work in our own lives as well. As today’s Church is in an unsettling transition, today’s spiritual seekers and those who have grown disenfranchised from or disillusioned with traditional spiritual approaches will find a fresh perspective that opens their own story to the overwhelming constancy of God's grace and love.

Carole A. Wageman has served the Episcopal priest since 2003, currently as a certified interim priest in congregations who find themselves in the wilderness of leadership transition as well as a hospice chaplain and co-chaplain to retired clergy in the Diocese of Vermont. Her experience has included telling stories of Scripture in plain, common language while using examples and questions from our daily lives. She is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and has an Advanced Theological Studies certificate from Episcopal Divinity School and currently lives in Monkton, Vermont.

"Wageman offers productive connection exercises and pondering questions that enable the reader to dig deep into our biblical ancestors. Similar to an actor fleshing out a character, this practice helps us better understand those who came before us and identify ourselves in their stories."––Jamie Martin-Currie, Missioner for Christian Formation in the Diocese of Texas and President of Forma.

"Here is a rare book. It is inspiring, informative, and innovative. Carole Wageman has given us a fresh way to enter the biblical story and make it our own."––The Right Reverend Steven Charleston, visiting professor of Native American traditions at the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University

"Carole gives us stories and insights that are approachable, yet also invite us to go deeper. Wonderful illustrations and stories make this book a help for preachers as well as a guide for people wanting to explore their Christian faith. Writing from Vermont, she bring the simplicity and deep strength of northern New England to her writing."––The Reverend Thaddeus Bennett, vocational faculty for CREDO, with previous parish ministry in California, Connecticut, and Vermont

"Under Carole Wageman's light touch these familiar stories from Scripture come alive with fresh images and invite us to reflect and interact with the material in a deep and satisfying way. I heartedly recommend this lovely book."––The Very Rev. Diane Nancekivell, President, Kids4Peace International

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