Embracing Interfaith Cooperation - DVD

Eboo Patel on Coming Together to Change the World

Eboo Patel

Feb/2013, DVD, 5 x 7

SKU: 9781640655058

Embracing Interfaith Cooperation is a 5- to 10-week study for adults, young adults and high school teens.

Join interfaith commentator Eboo Patel as he explores what it means to be “literate” about other faiths, how interfaith cooperation “works” and why, the skills needed for interfaith cooperation and the significant role that our institutions, including colleges and faith communities, can play in this process. The study's appealing video-journal format invites engagement and response.

The Five Sessions: (10-15 minute presentations each by Eboo Patel, including Patel interacting with a small, diverse group of adults and young adults as they respond and discuss interfaith issues.

    •Interfaith Cooperation in American History

    •Interfaith Literacy

    •The Science of Interfaith Cooperation

    •The art of Interfaith Leadership

    •The Role of Colleges, Seminaries and Houses of Worship

Participant's Workbook sold separately.

Eboo Patel believes religion is a bridge of cooperation, rather than a barrier of division. Inspired by his faith as a Muslim, his Indian heritage, and his American citizenship, he speaks to his vision of interfaith harmony at places like the Clinton Global Initiative, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, as well as college and university campuses across the country. He is a regular contributor to The Washington Post, USA Today,and The Huffington Post. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

"Interfaith literacy is required of United States citizens given that freedom of religion is at the core of the American dream. We have had unfortunate periods in our history - including our present day - where religious tolerance has not been the norm. We have much to learn from our nation’s leaders - from our nation's founders including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to recent-day leaders such as Jane Addams and Martin Luther King, Jr. - who understood religious tolerance as an important thread in our nation's tapestry. This is a timely resource that will help participants become the interfaith leaders we sorely need today." —Karen Matthias-Long, Associate in Ministry, Associate of the Bishop for Youth and Family Ministry and Curator of Synodical Resources, Allentown, PA.

"The provocative and thoughtful, 'Embracing' series continues with a rich, insightful discussion of Interfaith Cooperation in America with Eboo Patel. In his engaging way, Patel tells stories of American founders and great leaders who believed and acted on the principle that it is possible to embrace differences in religion and maintain a common life. Participants will learn not only the history, but become more literate in the art and science of interfaith cooperation. The workbook gives detailed instructions to help facilitators with several options for each session that will add depth to each local setting. The vision is that groups will be empowered to speak out for pluralism and promote more cooperation and understanding." —Irene Flynn, Resource Specialist, Florida-Bahamas Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Tampa, FL

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