When the Bishop Comes to Visit

An Activity Book for All Ages

Brook H. Packard

Feb/2014, 80 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819229151



A bishop comes to visit a congregation for many reasons—a parish celebration, baptism, confirmation, or a pastoral visit. With black and white illustrations, this interactive book for children and families describes the ministry of a bishop, including symbols and apparel, in preparation for the visit and worship. Confirmands will find this book particularly helpful as it walks them through the liturgy of Confirmation. During the actual Confirmation rite, children will have a guide to follow along during the service, making this book serve multiple purposes for young and old alike.

Brook H. Packard is a musician, singer, composer, and educator. She has worked in Episcopal churches for more than 20 years as both a volunteer and paid staff member. Married to an Episcopal bishop, she has traveled extensively for confirmations, international conferences, General Convention, and meetings of the House of Bishops. She lives in Rye, New York.

"These pages contain a wide range of activities to help congregations prepare for the bishop's visit. All ages are included in the possibilities Brook Packard has drawn together to make such an occasion an integral part of the life of a congregation and its understanding of what it means to be an Episcopal worshiping and witnessing community of faith. Bishops too can benefit from what is suggested here as they consider ways in which their visit to local congregations might be more fully an experience of mutual discovery and communion in the Holy Spirit."—Frank T Griswold, XXV Presiding Bishop

"Bishop's Visit as the portal through which to engage the seeker, Packard has invited the history, the ecclesiology and theology, the liturgy, and structure of the Episcopal Church to join the rest of us around Jesus' table. It requires a deep understanding to have done it at all, but Packard has done it personably (learning more about your bishop), intimately (writing a prayer for your bishop), and across generational divides. (Be honest; you really do want very own crayon pack.) The content is accessible, interactive, and engaging yet speaks down to no one. Packard's invitation is to the whole church and opens the door onto a gentler weave of interpersonal relationships."—Caroline S. Fairless, founder and co-director of The Center for Children at Worship

"I love Brook's work and this is a resource every church would benefit from having on their bookshelf and in their classrooms."—Sarah Moden-Alliston, Associate for Family and Youth Ministries, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Ridgefield, Connecticut

"On my visitations I ask one question just about every time. "Why did you have to wait for me to come for this day of confirmation and reception?" I have to say the answer is often now known. A big "Amen" for this book,because here is a resource that can thoroughly answer that question and so many more. This book is a great gift to the Church!"—Gregory H. Rickel, Bishop of Olympia

"What a practical little resource! Brook takes away the "mystery" surrounding the world of bishops and their duties. She opens the Book of Common Prayer to help understand the Confirmation Service while adding activities meaningful to the experience. This would be a great gift for all who are to be confirmed!"—Sabrina Evans, Director of Christian Formation, The Diocese of Oklahoma

"Brook Packard has written a wonderful book for all ages that is informative and interactive. It is a great resource that I can't wait to use in my church with a variety of activities to engage each person as they learn about the Episcopal Church and the role of a bishop. It is so nice to find a book that gives concise information with illustrations and activities for the classroom or home. You will want to add this book to your formation library."—Pattie Ames, Director of Children's Ministries, St. Columba's Episcopal Church, Washington, DC

"… an informative, interactive, illustrated book for all ages that explains and explores the role and ministry of a bishop, with special attention to the bishop’s pastoral and liturgical role. There are lots of fun activities for children, families and church school classes (along with a helpful glossary) to help learn more about the ministry of bishops and enjoy the bishop’s visitation."—Thomas Clark Ely, Bishop of Vermont

"This book helps us remember that Jesus is head of the church, and at the center of who we are and what we do. And that Jesus hopes that all of us, young and old, lay people, deacons, priests and bishops—that we will join Him in healing the world."—Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta

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