What Does It Mean to Be Holy Whole?

Timothy F. Sedgwick

Jan/2018, 64 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9781640650213



We think of holy people as spiritual seekers, but holiness is more than being in touch with the holy. What is holiness all about? What is wholeness of life? What are practices of love? What is spirituality all about? What is worship all about? Life, according to Timothy Sedgwick, is not a series of experiences or a search for increasing novelty. Rather, there is a more fundamental desire to be whole which characterizes our human experience. This is what Christian faith is all about. It takes practice. It takes community. It takes time. It is a life of loss and love, lament and joy. And, in short, this is what holiness is about: It is a way of life Christians call grace and salvation.

Timothy F. Sedgwick has served as vice president and academic dean of Virginia Theological Seminary, where he has taught Christian ethics for more than two decades. He has written several books, including The Christian Moral Life: Practices of Piety, Preaching What We Practice: Proclamation and Moral Discernment, and Sex, Moral Teaching, and the Unity of the Church: A Study of the Episcopal Church. Dr. Sedgwick has served on numerous boards and agencies of the Episcopal Church and earned a doctorate from Vanderbilt University.

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