She Flies On

A White Southern Christian Debutante Wakes Up

Carter Heyward

Apr/2017, 264 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819233530



First-person narrative of one who was at the forefront at a significant time in American history

Carter Heyward writes, "I'm persuaded by decades of teaching in seminary and work as a priest in the church that countless women, and many men as well, are faithful "Jesus people" and yet alienated to various degrees from organized religion. Jack Spong and Barbara Brown Taylor are two of the better known voices who have spoken to these people. This book of mine will probably stand with theirs in appealing to this large and diverse group of Jesus people who have become 'post Christians,' 'cultural Christians,' or have simply drifted away from the church."

She Flies On, however, is not really a critique of organized religion, but rather Heyward's effort to think theologically, politically, socially, and autobiographically about the world and the church in which she has lived and worked. A Christian feminist "theologian of liberation," Episcopal priest, lesbian, Southerner, and socialist Democrat, Heyward sees the writes about the church, but more about the people – and creatures – of God going about their lives and attempting to love one another.

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Carter Heyward graduated from Union Theological Seminary in New York City (MA 1971, MDiv 1973, PhD 1980), Danforth Scholar, 1978-80, She was among the first group of women ordained in Philadelphia in 1974. Heyward taught at Episcopal Divinity School, 1975-2005, and has been honored with distinguished Alumae Awards from Randolph Macon Woman's College and Union Theological Seminary. She lives in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. She is author or editor of 13 books including Keep Your Courage and The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Me, Seabury Books, and several hundred articles (both scholarly – eg, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and popular – eg, The Witness, Christianity and Crisis).

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