Thriving in the Currents of Retirement

William S. Craddock

Sep/2017, 128 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780898690033



Short, pithy reflections illumine all the issues involving retirement living.

Working with the metaphor of a kayak paddling in a new, downstream current of retirement, prominent Wellness expert Bill Craddock offers an array of provocative reflections as a way to invite the reader to envision new opportunities, new relationships, new ways of being. The primary purpose of these reflections is to entertain, edify, and to prepare those anticipating retirement or actually retired with gentle yet intentional paddle strokes for guiding their life (kayak) into their later years.

WILLIAM S. CRADDOCK JR. is a business executive who has worked with Trinity Church, Wall Street, in the development and management of The Clergy Leadership Project from 1991 until 1995. He served as Director of The Cornerstone Project, a ministry of the Episcopal Church Foundation. He was the Managing Director of CREDO Institute, Inc. from 2001 until 2012 and then served as Senior Vice President of the Church Pension Group, overseeing Education and Wellness programs. He retired in April of 2015 is now serving as Chair of the Board of Directors for St. Vincent’s Centre for Handicapped Children in Haiti and also on the board of the National Metal Museum. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

“A thought-provoking blend of personal stories and time-honored wisdom suggesting that retirement offers a chance, our last, but possibly our best, to deepen our personal and spiritual relationships.”—John McQuiston, author of Always We Begin Again – The Benedictine Way of Living

“A creative, refreshing, and inspiring reflection on retirement as a time of renewal rather than withdrawal; a season for reconnecting with the people, places, memories and values that matter most to us.”—Martha Horne, former Dean and President Emeritus of Virginia Theological Seminary

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