Recibiendo a Jesús

El Camino del Amor

Mariann Edgar Budde

Mar/2020, 136 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640653030



A menudo pensamos en la fe cristiana como una obligación o como un conjunto de creencias que debemos seguir. Si seguimos esta idea podemos perder de vista lo más importante: la invitación a experimentar una relación amorosa y personal con Dios. Esta es una relación en la que podemos confiar, en la que podemos encontrar protección y tierra segura sobre la cual pararnos. Mariann Edgar Budde comparte sus pensamientos sobre cómo el lector puede llegar a conocer - a recibir - a Jesús más profundamente, practicando el Camino del Amor. Ella comparte historias bíblicas, la sabiduría de la tradición cristiana y sus propias historias personales de crecimiento espiritual a través de las siete prácticas que nos han sido dadas con antelación: cambiar, aprender, orar, adorar, bendecir, ir y descansar.

So often we think of the Christian faith as an obligation or as a set of beliefs that we must hold. With this outlook, we can lose sight of what is most important: the invitation to experience a loving, personal relationship with God. It's a relationship we can trust, where we can find refuge and solid ground upon which to stand.

The Way of Love set forth by the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Michael Bruce Curry is the journey of a lifetime. It's a way of knowing God, receiving and sharing Jesus' love, and being a blessing to the world. Mariann Edgar Budde shares her thoughts on how the reader can come to know—to receive—Jesus more deeply in practicing the Way of Love. Through the seven practices that have been put before us: to turn, to learn, to pray and to worship, to bless, to go, and to rest, she will share biblical stories, wisdom from the Christian tradition, and her own personal stories of spiritual growth.

MARIANN EDGAR BUDDE is the ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and serves as president of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. Prior to this, she served as rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in Minneapolis. She earned her masters in divinity and doctor of ministry degrees from Virginia Theological Seminary. The author of Gathering the Fragments: Preaching as Spiritual Practice, her sermons have been published in books and journals.

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