The Marriage Journey

Preparations and Provisions for Life Together

Linda Grenz and Delbert Glover

Nov/2003, PAPERBACK, 7 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898694321



The two authors of this book, Linda Grenz and Del Glover, say at the outset that they are ordinary Christians writing for ordinary Christians and ordinary congregations. So why has this book become a classic for couples about to marry, couples already married, and the congregations that support them? Because they approach the ordinary issues couples face in marriage from the life-experience perspectives of an Episcopal priest (Linda) and a former corporate executive (Del) who worked with people as they faced various family-related issues. 

They invite readers to use the book in ways that speak most directly to them and offer questions for the couple to discuss and others that engage a congregation. The book is interspersed with relevant quotes from scripture with probing questions for the individual to consider.

Table of Contents
The Sacrament of Marriage
Extended Families
Being with Others
Living Together
Fighting Fair
Money Matters
Sexual Intimacy
The Gift of Children
Yes, No, Maybe, Why Bother (Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment)
The Journey Ahead

Linda L. Grenz is the Publisher and CEO of LeaderResources, an Episcopal publishing and consulting organization that offers over fifty Christian formation programs. She previously served as the staff officer for adult education, lay ministry and leadership development at the Episcopal Church Center in New York. She also is the author of The Marriage Journey.

Delbert Glover is a retired vice-president of DuPont and a lay leader in the Episcopal Church.

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