She Who Prays

A Woman's Interfaith Prayer Book

Patricia Harris-Watkins, Jane Richardson Jensen

Dec/2004, 212 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819221131



A Prayer book designed to be used by individual women, as well as by those who are leading group prayer services.

For nearly two millennia, Christian women have learned to pray in the language of other people's souls. From worshiping God as father to envisioning a holy life as a military campaign, they've been taught to approach the Divine with the hearts and minds of men.

She Who Prays: A Woman's Interfaith Prayer Book offers women a new way to pray. It draws on feminine images of God, as well as the language and experience of women, to help women tap into their own rich and unique spirituality. With material from new translations of ancient Christian hymns and prayers, as well as original prayers in the Christian and other faith traditions, She Who Prays will help women speak to God in their own voices.

Arranged in roughly the same format as the Book of Common Prayer, She Who Prays contains a seven-day cycle of daily prayer services, prayers for special occasions, and a woman-oriented liturgical calendar that honors the lives of women of all faiths. The book also contains four rituals marking such themes as healing, reconciliation, and new beginnings, and a prayer to be used while walking a labyrinth.

An appendix provides information on world religions and instructions for group services.

Patricia Harris-Watkins was chaplain of Clare’s Place and a scholar specializing in English as a second language. She died in 2017.

Jane Richardson Jenson, an author, translator, and scholar specializing in early Christian literature, is co-chaplain of Clare's Place, a women's spirituality center in College Station, Texas.
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