Out of Darkness, Into Light

Spiritual Guidance in the Quran with Reflections from Jewish and Christian Sources

Jamal Rahman, Kathleen Schmitt Elias, Ann Holmes Redding

Mar/2009, 243 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819223388



An introduction to the major themes and passages of the holy book of Islam, this book invites readers of any religion -- or none -- to meditate on verses of the Quran as support for spiritual practices and growth.

It guides the reader through the rich tapestry of the Quran, weaving through a number of themes, including the mystery of God, surrender to the divine will, and provisions for the spiritual journey. Quranic verses are supplemented by sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, the words of Rumi and other Sufi poets, and relevant quotations and insights from Jewish and Christian sources. The book also offers practical suggestions for expanding and strengthening one's spiritual sinews.

Jamal Rahman is a Muslim Sufi Minister who teaches on the adjunct faculty at Seattle University. Author of The Fragrance of Faith: The Enlightened Heart of Islam, he is also cohost on ТInterfaith Talk Radio,У speaker, and retreat leader.
Kathleen Schmitt Elias, a former nun, is a Gregorian chanter, Jew by choice, meditation leader, and professional editor. She lives in Seattle.
Ann Holmes Redding, PhD, is a professor of Christian scripture, preacher, speaker, and retreat leader, based in Seattle.

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