Meditations for Vestry Members

Colleen McMahon

Mar/1999, 96 Pages, Paperback, 4 x 6

ISBN-13: 9780819217899



Explores the joys and challenges of vestry service.

Created to meet the needs of pastors and church staff seeking gifts of appreciation for church members such as LEMs, lay members, choir and vestry members, and others. Each volume offers support, guidance, and education geared specifically to one particular group or ministry within the church. Individual meditations are based on quotations from the Bible, The Book of Common Prayer, or hymns from the 1982 Hymnal, and prayers specific to the needs of each audience. Designed with the church budget in mind, these affordable books acknowledge important passages and ministries in the life of the people of God.

Colleen McMahon is a judge in the New York State Court System and is active in her parish and diocese. She writes regularly for the Episcopal New Yorker and served on the Vestry at her home parish, Christ Church.

"Every Episcopal church should stock and dispense these."--The Living Church

"As gifts for Lent or anytime, these little purse/pocket-sized books can give a needed spiritual dimension to church jobs that can easily become very task - rather than ministry - oriented."--Anglican Journal

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