Faithful Living, Faithful Dying

Anglican Reflections on End of Life Care

End of Life Task Force of the Standing Commission on National Concerns

Feb/2000, 144 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819218308



An important examination of the theological, spiritual, and ethical issues surrounding death.

At the end of a life of faithfulness comes our dying. To approach it as faithfully as we have our living calls for some serious forethought. Because one of the simplest facts of life—that we all die—seems like the most complicated thing we do.

Not only have advances in

medical technology saved lives, but they also have prolonged death, and raise a

number ethical, moral, social, and theological issues. How far should we go to

sustain life? Is it right to withdraw artificial feeding from the dying? Is it

wrong to end the lives of those in pain? No matter who we are, dealing with

these sorts of choices near the end of life is difficult to do on our own.Faithful Living, Faithful

Dying: Anglican Reflections on End of Life Care brings together the wisdom of a

task force created by the 72nd General Convention of the Episcopal Church to

study what faithful living and faithful dying mean today. The task force’s

reflections, published for the first time in this book, assist individuals,

congregations, and the Church as a whole to disentangle the thicket of ethical,

theological, pastoral, and policy concerns.

"This book will prove most worthwhile for pastors and parish ministers and ministry committees, a very useful study/discussion guide for small groups, and a helpful tool for chaplains who continue to seek ways to bring the spiritual and prophetic voices into the arenas of healthcare and ethical decision-making."--Resources Hotline

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