Crosses of Many Cultures

Joyce Mori

Nov/1998, 64 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819217516



A brief history of the simple, but powerful design of the cross, with more than 20 patterns for appliqué.

Throughout the ages many cultures have developed their own designs to depict the cross. A symbol of both suffering and victory, the cross can be used to create a powerful, meaningful image on functional and decorative pieces in the church, home and office. In Crosses of Many Cultures, Joyce Mori provides historical explanations along with easy-to-understand instructions and line drawings for over twenty international cross designs for appliqué. Writing for the beginner and intermediate levels, Mori explains several appliqué techniques, from hand and machine sewing methods to no-sewing techniques. The versatility of these designs is evident in the wide array of suggested projects which include wall quilts, banners, church linens and vestments, table runners, place mats, apron fronts, and door-toppers.

Joyce Mori is an experienced quilter who has written 17 books and numerous articles about quilting and the use of appliqués. Joyce and her husband John live in Morgantown, West Virginia.

"This design and history book explores the religious and symbolic meaning of the cross and offers more than two dozen line-drawings suitable for applique, embroidery or fabric painting projects. The designs include crosses from suchs sources as ancient Egypt, Native American jewelry, Ethiopian pendants and Crusade emblems. Drawings of well-known crosses such as Celtic, Canterbury, Calvary and Russian Orthodox are offered along with less familiar ones like the Pueblo-style Cross. Each drawing is accompanied by historical information about the cross it represents."—Nancy Roberts, Miniature Quilts

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