A Prayer Book for the 21st Century

Liturgical Studies Three

Ruth A. Meyers, ed.

Jan/2000, 287 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 8

ISBN-13: 9780898692839



This book of sixteen essays by prominent liturgists addresses those things in the Prayer Book which need to be changed or that the writer desires to be changed, those things that might be added to the Prayer Book, and other issues related to change. The final four essays explore more broadly the nature of liturgical prayer, inclusive and expansive language, and inculturation. The Liturgical Studies series continues the thoughtful discussions previously issued as Occasional Papers from the Standing Liturgical Commission.

Ruth A. Meyers is Dean of Academic Affairs and Hodges-Haynes Professor of Liturgics at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. She served as chair of The Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music through the conclusion of the 2012–2015 triennium and teaches throughout the Anglican Communion.


  • William Seth Adams
  • J. Neil Alexander
  • Paul F. Bradshaw
  • Jean Campbell OSH
  • Gregory M. Howe
  • Steve Kelsey
  • Richard G. Leggett
  • Ruth A. Meyers
  • Leonel L. Mitchell
  • Clayton L. Morris
  • Juan M.C. Oliver
  • Jennifer M. Phillips
  • Joseph P. Russell
  • Daniel B. Stevick
  • Thomas J. Talley
  • Louis Weil
  • Ellen K. Wondra
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