Prayers for Every Season

More Common Prayer for Children and Families

Timothy J. S. Seamans

Jun/2024, 128 Pages, Hardback, 8 x 10

ISBN-13: 9781640656659

Formative prayers for children, their families, and their communities.

Rooted in Christian traditions of daily prayer, this volume is an accessible collection that children can use to pray on their own, with their family, or with their school or church community. Designed to help children enter into a life of faith, this volume includes meaningful prayers that shape belief and practice.

With patterns for morning and evening prayer for each season of the church year, supplemented with prayers for widely observed secular and sacred occasions, the book draws children into the liturgical cycle. Questions included within the patterns for morning and evening prayer invite children to reflect on their developing faith. In addition, the volume includes prayers for the milestones of childhood, for the community, and for the earth.

Designed to be used on its own, or with its companion volume, Common Prayer for Children and Families, Prayers for Every Season builds children’s faith, at home, at church, or at school.

TIMOTHY J. S. SEAMANS is an Episcopal Priest and Chaplain at the Cathedral School for Boys at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. He co-wrote Common Prayer for Children and Families with Jenifer Gamber and speaks regularly on worship, religious education, and the spiritual formation of children and youth. He has served at the Episcopal School of Los Angeles, Episcopal High School in Alexandria, and Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta. Timothy preaches regularly at Grace Cathedral and is completing his doctorate on experiential approaches to studying the Bible at Virginia Theological Seminary. He lives in San Francisco, California.

"This resource brings flex to your ministry. You can use it in your children’s chapel and faith formation times. You can use it in corporate worship . . . . The prayers inside this book apply to just about every setting."—Practical Church Resources

Through his lived experience as one of our most talented Episcopal school chaplains, Father Timothy has given us a portrait of the prayer life of young people. Prayers for Every Season is an approachable but powerful resource for all who recognize the deep spirituality of young people and are dedicated to helping them develop a rich prayer life along their journey.—David Madison, Executive Director, National Association of Episcopal Schools

Though written especially with young people in mind, this beautiful book of prayers can enrich the spiritual practice of people of all ages. It offers a rich combination  of traditional prayers, ancient forms, and contemporary concerns expressed in accessible language that sings. Prayers for Every Season is perfect for children's and adult prayer spaces alike.—Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

Prayers for Every Season is an enriching journey of faith intended for the youngest among us. This carefully curated collection of prayers and reflections will serve as a spiritual foundation for children, their families, and their communities. Each page invites all of us to recite prayers, as well as live them, nurturing a deep, personal relationship with faith from an early age.—Miguel Bustos, Manager for Racial Reconciliation and Justice, The Episcopal Church

Although intended as a child-friendly family resource, Timothy's ability to connect with children without ever 'talking down' to them makes Prayers for Every Season eminently suited for adult use as well. Timothy's graceful, intelligent, and gentle writing invites us all (and especially children) into relationship and dialog with a loving God who wants us to know the joy of being our best selves and is willing to help us on that journey.—Serena Evans Beeks, Executive Director emerita, Commission on Schools, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

Timothy Seamans' Praying Through the Seasons demonstrates through lovely, inspiring, and sometimes whimsical illustrations, as well as with words, that our prayers benefit us more when we understand that they are conversations with God. He provides a refreshing conversation on prayer that encourages us to engage with God as someone who is on the journey of life with us.  —Catherine Meeks, author, The Night is Long but Light Comes in the Morning: Meditations for Racial Healing

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