Joan of Art

Lesa Engelthaler, Brooke O'Neill

May/2024, 48 Pages, Hardback, 8 x 10

ISBN-13: 9781640656765



In an inspiring story about self-expression, quirky and artistic Joan harnesses the power of friendship and the bravery of her namesake, Joan of Arc, to embrace her creative nature.

What do an ancient teenage warrior and a modern-day aspiring elementary school artist have in common? Nine-year-old Joan is about to find out. In this empowering tale of friendship and self-affirmation, a young girl dreams of being an artist, but struggles to find the courage to share her dreams with others. Joan is so afraid to be laughed at or misunderstood that her friends have never even seen her drawings! But when a school assignment unveils the remarkable accomplishments of her medieval namesake, Saint Joan of Arc, young Joan must grapple with what it means to be brave, even if that means finding the courage to be yourself.

Lovingly rendered with lush illustrations and tender prose, readers young and old will be rooting for Joan to find her way. “Exactly the kind of story that kids need,” writes bestselling author Brian McLaren. “This could be one of those precious few books that parents read to their kids for generations to come.”

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Lesa Engelthaler is a speaker and author who has written for publications such as as The Dallas Morning News and Christianity Today. Passionate about empowerment, for over 10 years she has collaborated with House of Hope to help women and girls in difficult situations overcome adversity. Lesa earned a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University, and is Senior Associate for Victory Search Group, where she assists nonprofits to recruit transformation leaders. She serves on the Economic Security Grants Review Committee for the Texas Women’s Foundation, and lives in Dallas, Texas.

Brooke O’Neill is a graphic designer and illustrator who has provided art for several books for children, including Texas Baby, and the Carl Can series. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, she received a BA in Graphic Design from Illinois State University in 2008. She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Joan of Art combines delightful illustrations with exactly the kind of story that kids need ... and grownups too! This could be one of those precious few books that parents read to their kids for generations to come.

—Brian D. McLaren, author of Cory and the Seventh Story

What do you do when people’s expectations don’t line up with your heart? You learn to be afraid and brave at the same time. Lesa Engelthaler’s book Joan of Art carries a message of courage for young dreamers. Kids will love the adorable illustrations that capture all the awkward spunk of a wannabe artist named after a real-life warrior.—Lori Z. Scott, author of The Meghan Rose series

Joan of Art is a whimsically illustrated story of a little girl who, deep down, knows what she was 'born to do.' I bet young readers will love meeting Joan's friends, learning about her passion for creating beauty, and will relate to her discomfort about revealing what matters most to her. What a delightful book!—Jennifer Grant, author of A Little Blue Bottle and Maybe God Is Like That Too

This is such a powerful, profound story of empowering children to believe in themselves, encouraging them to look deep into their hearts and find meaning and purpose. It’s beautifully written, and I absolutely love the illustrations. Children need stories like this, especially in a time when life can often feel impersonal, in our technology-immersed lives. Children need books that inspire, empower and encourage their imagination. Joan of Art does just that.—Shirin Shamsi, author of Zahra's Blessing and The Moon from Dehradun

I enthusiastically endorse Joan of Art as an addition to any child's library, inspiring them to embrace their talents, build strong friendships, and find joy in pursuing their passions. My name, Roger, means “tall spear thrower”. I'm not particularly tall, and I'm an author and artist. I use words and color, not spears! Joan of Art is my story!—Roger Hutchison, bestselling author of The Very Best Day, Sparrow’s Prayer, and The Art of Calm: Spiritual Exercises for the Anxious Soul

In an era where children are often influenced by what they see and who others think they should become, it's crucial to remind them that their unique talents and intrinsic worth are invaluable. Having the courage to be who they were created to be is more important than ever. Joan of Art is a compelling story that teaches children the value of their own uniqueness and emphasizes the important contributions they can make to the world when they embrace the truth about who they are.—Dr. Terence & Zion Lester, co-authors of Zion Learns To See: Opening Our Eyes To Homelessness

With a premise as clever as its title, Joan of Art explores the importance of recognizing and embracing your unique talents, the courage it takes to do so, and the importance of friends who affirm you in that discovery. Containing educational backmatter about Joan of Arc, this empowering story reminds young readers that you don't have to be a warrior to be brave.—Glenys Nellist, bestselling author of Love Letters from God and Little Mole

Joan of Art is an important book about what little girls do with expectations, especially the ones they set for themselves. It reveals the different ways that girls can lead, and the clarity of purpose that comes when we bring the uncertainty of our internal wrestling to light within a trusted community of friends.—Dr. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, editor, Voices of Lament

This lovely, inspiring, affirming book will help every little girl imagine her future and embrace her gifts—whatever they may be. I can't wait to give this book to my granddaughter.—Dale Hanson Bourke, author of Strong Girls, Strong World

Joan of Art is the perfect book for any kid (or grown up!) who's ever worried about living up to their name—or family expectations. In this darling story, readers not only learn about who Joan of Arc was—but how we can be who we were meant to be.—Caryn Rivadeneira, award-winning author of the Frankinschool series and Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible

What a winner! Both whimsical and charming, Joan of Art invites little children to cheer for a young girl’s quest to embrace her name and the artistic talent that define her. The book’s bonus is learning about a real-life Joan who followed her own brave quest that, in the end, helped change the world. An inspiring, thoughtful, and delightful tale both in words and picture.—Patricia Raybon, Christy-Award winning author of the Annalee Spain Mysteries All That Is Secret, Double the Lies, and Truth Be Told

Trusting oneself is more important than living up to the expectations of others—whether real or perceived—and Joan of Art beautifully delivers this in a message in a way kids can internalize. And for all the caregivers, it demonstrates that we can be the kind of intentional adults who ask the important questions that lead children to their authentic selves. I will be sharing this book with all the children in my life!—Gena Ruocco Thomas, author of Separated by the Border

I love Joan of Art! This lovely work of edu-tainment introduces young readers to a great woman and inspires them to embody her virtue: courage. The storyline also shows what true friendship looks like. Highly recommended!—Sandra Glahn, Nobody’s Mother: Artemis of the Ephesians in Antiquity and the New Testament

Joan of Art is a treasure that holds something good for everyone—both children and adults. It fuels a girl’s quest to discover and use her God-given gifts. It spotlights for every reader the priceless power of friendship employed to-encourage and help others. Even parents will find a crucial reminder to observe and cultivate your children’s gifts.—Carolyn Custis James, author of The Gospel of Ruth and Half the Church

Lesa Engelthaler’s picture book, Joan of Art, is an inspiring story about two Joans and how one can be brave and live up to their beliefs no matter how different they may appear. The illustrations are bright, bold, and colorful and help move the story along.  This is a great read.—Emily-Jane Hills Orford,


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