Find Your Voice on the Page and In Your Life

Robin Finn

Apr/2024, 224 Pages, Hardcover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN-13: 9781640657076



Harmoniously blending actionable advice and spiritual insight, a renowned writing mentor gives women the tools they need to discover their voice—and themselves—on the page.

Step into an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery with Robin Finn's life-altering guide. Crafted with the female experience at its core, this transformative compendium unlocks the keys to individual expression within all of us.

Beginning with HEART, readers engage with an empowering space to reevaluate and dismiss self-limiting beliefs about personal worth. Transitioning seamlessly, SOUL offers a therapeutic haven fostering creativity, leading to PEN, a treasure trove imparting profound insights on showcasing work and appreciating personal value. Endorsed by accomplished authors, seasoned therapists, and esteemed physicians, Finn’s method is an essential companion for women yearning to reconnect with their voice and embrace their inherent worth. Novice or experienced writers alike will find a wellspring of inspiration, guidance, and empowerment. But even for those simply feeling voiceless, this book shines as a beacon, unveiling a path towards personal reawakening.

Inspired by the acclaimed program sharing its name, Heart. Soul. Pen. has already brought about a sea change in innumerable lives. Now, it extends an invitation to anyone on the transformative journey that is unlocking one’s true potential as a writer.

ROBIN FINN, MPH, MA, is an award-winning writer, teacher, and coach, and the founder and creator of Heart. Soul. Pen.,® a Los Angeles-based course blending writing and radical self-expression for women, and Hot Writing™ where midlife and menopause inspire the desire to say what you mean without apology. As a writer, Robin’s essay on a humorous moment of midlife parenting, When Our Daughter Walked In On us, was one of The New York Times Most Read Stories of 2019. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed, and many more. Her humorous BuzzFeed listicle had over 96,000 shares and was a top-100 stories of the week and continues to spontaneously trend on Twitter. Other essays of hers have been internationally syndicated, shared in Mamamia, Australia’s largest independent women’s media site, featured on the BBC podcast “Sacred Objects,” and anthologized. She is on the faculty of UCLA Extension Writer’s Program where she launched and teaches the Women’s Writing Workshop and at the Scarsdale Adult School. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.

"Robin’s unique background in spiritual psychology, women's health, and writing shines through in her teachings. When I began writing, HEART. SOUL. PEN. gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my story and write my first book, which changed my life. I would recommend this book to any women who is searching for her voice." —Jamie Fiore Higgins, author of Bully Market: My Story of Money and Misogyny at Goldman Sachs and one of the Financial Times Top 25 Most Influential Women of 2022  
"Heart. Soul. Pen. offers me support and encouragement and a well-defined path to follow with my writing. I always find what I need to keep moving forward. These are tools I go back to over and over again." —Melissa Gould, bestselling author of Widowish: A Memoir

"Robin Finn’s Heart. Soul. Pen. is an absolute gift. The endless guidance and support has helped me push through self-doubt, giving me so much more freedom as a writer. The techniques Robin shares are extremely valuable and have become tools I use every time I sit down to write."  —Liz Astrof, award-winning executive producer and sitcom writer, and author of Don't Wait Up: Confessions of a Stay-At-Work Mom

"I was in the middle of writing my cookbook, The Vegan ABCs, when I got stuck on M is for Miso. Using Heart. Soul. Pen., I let go and wrote from my heart—which led me to create a new format for each letter and I ended up going back to A and starting all over! Heart. Soul. Pen. is a book that will inspire your creativity every time you use it!" —Lisa Dawn Angerame, Author of Wait, That’s Vegan?! and The Vegan ABCs Cookbook

"Midlife is a time of 'ughs and fabulosities.' Heart. Soul. Pen. will help women dig deep to rediscover the power of their authentic voice and unleash the inner sparkle that is uniquely their own. Buckle up, it’s time to write and unleash the storyteller within!" —Dr. Sarah Milken, "The Flexible Neurotic" and host of the Midlife Reinvention Podcast
“As a therapist and educator, helping patients and students find their unique voice amidst a fast paced and complicated world is challenging. Heart. Soul. Pen. is that life-affirming book that teaches women the complex process of connecting to their voice in the most approachable and user-friendly way. The results are powerful and life changing.” —Patty Stegman, LCSW, Clinical Instructor, NYU School of Medicine, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   
“This book is a gift to women.  As a physician specializing in women’s healthcare and a working mother, I know firsthand how difficult it is for women to honor themselves by seeking self-care and self-love.  For me personally, being a longtime student of Heart. Soul. Pen. has been life changing both in my personal life and my professional one. I encourage all my patients and my female friends to read this book and follow the simple steps to use writing as a path to self-love and empowerment.” —Rebecca Dupont, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist with 28 years of experience  

"Heart. Soul. Pen. is a book you will return to again and again. I find myself coming back to Robin's wisdom when I feel stuck and need to generate fresh ideas—even when I needed inspiration to write my own wedding vows! The simple steps enable me to focus and connect to the words I want to express from the heart" —Brooke Jaffe, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Strategy, Penske Media, Style expert, trend forecaster, on air commentator  


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