Hearts Ablaze

Parables for the Queer Soul

Dr. Rolf Nolasco Jr.

Oct/2022, 208 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640653658



Meditations addressing the spiritual needs of queer Christians.

A new look at ten selected parables of Jesus, that expands the scope of interpretation of each story to highlight God's extravagant welcome of all people. The perspective in the reflections is deeply personal and written to be used by both individuals and groups. Queer affirming churches, seminaries, and retreat centers will benefit from this resource as they continue to champion the flourishing of their queer siblings in Christ.

Dr. Rolf R. Nolasco, Jr. is Rueben P. Job Professor of Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Theology at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Il USA. As a queer person of color whose country of origin is the Philippines, Rolf works at the intersection of critical and liberative psychology, theology, spirituality, and affective neuroscience to address the complexity of the human condition and the potential for human flourishing. He is the author of The Contemplative Counselor: A Way of Being, Compassionate Presence: A Radical Response to Human Sufferings, and God’s Beloved Queer. He lives in Evanston, Illinois.

"By looking at the parables with a queer eye, Hearts Ablaze finds the rainbow light in the liberating stories told by Jesus. . . . “Parables are like pride flags,” writes author Rolf Nolasco. These insightful queer reflections on the parables—or “queerables”—will help today’s readers see the full spectrum of God’s love."—The Rev. Kittredge Cherry, author of The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision

"In this beautifully written book Rolf Nolasco invites us—queer and non-queer alike—to “lean into the gentle invitation of Jesus to discern a response befitting our identity as God’s beloved queers.” With the deep sensitivity of a pastor’s heart and drawing upon his own lived experience as a queer person of color, Professor Nolasco breaks open the Word of God through a truly fresh – and genuinely faith-filled – reading of these ten parables of Jesus. Join the author in queering stories that lie at the heart of the Christian journey, and you may find that your own heart comes ablaze with a new appreciation for the movement of the Divine in your life!"—Bernard Schlager, Associate Professor of Historical Cultural Studies, Pacific School of Religion, and Executive Director, The Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion

"Rolf Nolasco’s book departs from the usual queer-affirming biblical apologetics and polemics that stereotypically rail against anachronistic readings and offer facile alternative interpretations. Instead, HeartsAblaze: Parables for the Queer Soul frames and interprets biblical wisdom from a diverse range of queer perspectives. In his reading and interpretation of the parables of Jesus from his location as a queer person of color, Nolasco boldly incorporates a wide array of personal insights, theological traditions and the narratives of queer Christians who share on their experiences of God’s unequivocal love. The upshot is a book which not only upends biblical queerphobia, but one that allows LGBTIQ people to see themselves in the scriptures in positive, relevant, affirming and empowering ways, and can gently accompany them to a realization that they are cherished and appreciated by God as they are."—Joseph N. Goh, Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies, Monash University Malaysia

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