Dismantling Racism: A Youth Curriculum - Student Journal

Student Journal

Katie McRee and Sally Ulrey, Foreword by Catherine Meeks

Jul/2020, 72 Pages, PAPER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640655249

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The Episcopal Church has made a commitment of dismantling racism and building up the Beloved Community since the 1990s. In the early 2000s, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church mandated anti-racism training for all church leaders.

Rooted in faith, the Diocese of Atlanta developed a Christian formation program specifically for youth (grades 6-12). Dismantling Racism: A Youth Curriculum is a 6-session curriculum will help Middle School and High School youth have conversations about race, become allies, and build relationships to address systemic racism in their context. The goal is to help youth connect their faith with racial healing in our communities.

The Student Journal accompanies the Leader Guide and provides journaling space for the activities covered in the 6-session program, as well as scripture, a glossary, and additional resources.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Covenant
Lesson 2: God, the Artist
Lesson 3: The History of Racism in America: How We Got Here
Lesson 4: White Privilege
Lesson 5: Internalized Oppression
Lesson 6: Repentance, Healing, and Reconciliation

Lesson 1: Introduction and Covenant
Create an agreement on how the group will relate to God, each other, and ourselves in discussing the subject of racism, learning the stories of those who have already started to dismantle the effects of racism in their own lives.

Lesson 2: God, The Artist

Witness the beautiful diversity of all of God’s creation, including all of humanity, and recognize that every people, race, language, culture, and ethnicity on earth bears God’s image and reveals something wonderful about who God is.

Lesson 3: The History of Racism in America: How We Got Here

The deep roots of systemic racism throughout the United States’ history are brought to light in order to truly understand the pain of racism that continues today as well as what is needed to dismantle it.

Lesson 4: White Privilege

Racist systems give advantages to certain groups (and disadvantages to others). How do we respond when we find ourselves in a place of privilege?

Lesson 5: Internalized Oppression

Racism negatively affects disadvantaged groups and their understanding of their own identity. Choosing God’s understanding of what makes people valuable helps us recognize how we are part of the healing and dismantling of racism in our community.

Lesson 6: Repentance, Healing, and Reconciliation

Even though we didn’t create racism, we have a responsibility to dismantle it. Learning from the example of the prophets, we can start to turn toward each other through naming racism in all its forms as sin, and resolving to turn away from it (through confession and repentance).

KATIE McCREE served as Youth Minister at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Roswell, Georgia for over a decade, and has been a consultant for Ministry Architects. She has also written curricular material for the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Katie was first inspired by youth ministry through her own youth minister in Central Florida, who mentored and encouraged her to seek out ministry as a career. She attended the University of Florida where she earned a degree in family, youth, and community sciences. She lives in Woodstock, Georgia

SALLY ULREY is the Missioner for Congregational Vitality in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, where she previously served parishes for seventeen years in various roles including youth minister, director of formation, consultant, and trainer. Sally was first called into ministry as a teenager at her tiny church in Florida, where the congregation recognized her gifts, gave her leadership opportunities, and encouraged her in ministry. Sally coauthored the Dismantling Racism Youth Curriculum with Katie McRee, in collaboration with the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. She lives in Oxford, Georgia.


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