Conversations with Scripture: 2 Isaiah

Stephen L. Cook

Sep/2008, 176 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819221490



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The God of Second Isaiah, the “Holy One of Israel,” is increasingly foreign to modern Anglicans, who are often uncomfortable with the uncanny, fiery side of God. Unfortunately, this may leave Anglicans frustrated both with God’s “non-rational” ways and with morality-centered Christianity.

The new research behind this book reveals Second Isaiah as priestly temple literature, expert at the Holy and its coming dawn on earth. Second Isaiah highlights priestly themes and quotes the temple texts to help readers approach that which is utterly mysterious. To study this material is to rediscover the overwhelming, absolute worth of God.



Stephen L. Cook is Catherine N. McBurney Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Virginia Theological Seminary. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

“This is precisely the kind of biblical scholarship the church needs: integrating fresh research with profound spiritual and theological insight. With an eye to the saints, ancient and modern, Stephen Cook shows how Isaiah calls us to surrender ourselves, with courageous humility, and thus find ourselves, with dizzying joy.” —Ellen F. Davis, Professor of Bible and Practical Theology, Duke Divinity School

"For those willing to wade into some unkonw scriptural waters with this study, there is little doubt tha they will find a treasure in 2 Isaiah." — Anglican Theological Review.

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